Bay Area Mural Workshops

BAM Workshops include painting classes and workshops designed to educate and offer a pathway towards learning about mural painting and techniques to further your ability as a mural artist. We have available mural painting classes, courses and workshops for individuals, groups, businesses and children. Provided by Hayley Ferreira, The Bay Area Muralist, details and further information regarding the mural painting workshops and painting classes can be seen below. And if you have any questions please feel free to email us as well. Workshops available with The Bay Area Muralist in the San Francisco Bay Area are coming soon! Please check back for updates on mural workshops in the Bay Area.

Mural Painting Lessons With Hayley Ferreira

Are you an individual who is interested in learning how to paint? Or are you a parent interested in finding the perfect painting lessons for your kid? The Bay Muralist Painting Lessons offer individuals of all ages the perfect opportunity to learn how to paint, gain inspiration and create something beautiful

Zoom Mural Painting Classes

The Bay Area Muralist is now offering 1 on 1 zoom classes in 2022 that include instructions on how to paint the mural of your choice. The class may take 1 to 3 days of lessons depending on the size and difficulty of the mural selected.

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In Person Mural Painting Classes

Do you prefer to learn how to paint a mural in person and you live in or around the Bay Area? BAM offers in person mural classes as well. Hayley and the BAM team will come to your location and will paint a mural at your residency or business while also teaching you how to paint the mural.

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Mural Art Painting Apprenticeship

BAM offers a mural painting apprenticeship program for those who are interested in learning the trade of mural painting. Follow along with BAM and assist as we paint San Francisco’s most cherished murals.

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