Italian Walkway with Trompe L’oeil Trellis

This client was looking for  a view to look out of in the dinning room. We looked at numerous photos and found several but none that were perfect. So, we compiled several photos and ideas into this creation. We knew from the start that they wanted a trellis with flowers falling. Then we found this beautiful Italian view that we all fell in love with. Then I looked out into the clients back yard to see potted plants and other beautiful things growing. So I took some inspiration from the yard and put it all together to make this wonderful view.

Tranquil Stream Mural Along Staircase

This beautiful tranquil mural was painted along a rounded staircase. The client wanted a mural painted there because it was a large blank wall, and nothing was able to be put there. The wall was round so it really needed a mural painted there. We decided on this mural because she wanted something serene and beautiful to open her home to family and friends.

Exterior Waterfall Mural

This client already has a beautiful home in the hills along the northern California Coast of Half Moon Bay. I was honored that they chose to hire me to paint a mural in the backyard. We used the surrounding area for inspiration. The trees that are above the mural are added for a special 3D effect. The stream with the waterfall have cute little animals inside. There are frogs, and butterflies, and all sorts of little creatures residing in the mural. Im so proud that I was able to take a backyard that is already breathtaking and make it even more beautiful.

Italian Patio with Flower Arch

When you walk into this beautiful home there is this huge 20 ft wall. When I first met with the home owner it was a blank cream wall. We sat and spoke about what she would like when she enters her home. The decor was already Italian, so picking a mural to be painted was not easy. There are thousands of beautiful places that can be painted. We decided on this scene, because we wanted to illusion that it would continue. We thought a patio would be perfect. Then, how can you have Italy without the ocean? Viola… we came up with this beautiful design.