Custom Painted Wall Murals

A custom wall mural from The Bay Area Muralist is a great way to create depth and style to any space. The Bay Area Muralist, Hayley Ferreira provides custom painted wall murals with the highest quality art services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hayley’s murals are designed with you in mind. Working closely with the client, Hayley will create the perfect mural for your interior or exterior space.

Custom Wall Murals In San Francisco

Create a source of inspiration in your San Francisco environment with The Bay Area Muralist murals and wallscapes, used frequently in downtown corporate offices to expand the look and feel of your companies brand. DOWNTOWN MURALS IN SAN FRANCISCO COME TO LIFE!

Perfect for restaurants, work spaces and doctor’s offices in the San Francisco Bay area.

Murals For Event, Arenas & Trade Shows

Hire Hayley Ferreira Today for your next event or trade show.

Increase sales in your retail space with a mural from Hayley Ferreira, The Bay Area Muralist. Great for lobbies, restaurants, and stylish interior design.

Bay Area Murals are custom printed wallpapers and a great way to add depth and style to any space. Wall murals can be adapted to fit any space as we’re able to seam together panels during installation.

Make a big impact with large custom murals from Bay Area Muralist.
Whether it’s a photographic wall mural for your home or office, we create hand-painted wall murals tailored to your needs.

The Bay Area Muralist can create full color wall murals to any shape and size on a wide range of specialty materials. Every wall mural we print is produced with a careful eye to the highest standards of quality. Rest assured that our care in production and quality materials far exceed those standards of mass-produced wall murals.

The Bay Area Muralist is the company that can make you look good on paper.

– Signage
– Decorative
– Schools
– Chalkboards / Menus
– Window Painting
– Holiday Window Painting

Murals can transform an otherwise unremarkable façade into a powerful and captivating work of art. The Bay Area Muralist maintains a strong portfolio and we are continually curating new ideas for murals and wallscapes are soaring, iconic, elevated displays that integrate into the cultural scenery and are visible from long distances. Streetscapes are pedestrian-level displays that allow passersby to have a closer relationship with both the production process and the final painting.
To ensure the most effective outcomes for clients, The Bay Area Muralist offers hand-painted murals and Hayley offers custom scouting of new mural spaces and advertising-approved locations.

Thank You For Supporting Local Bay Area Artist

The Bay Area Muralist works as a network of skilled artisans and cultural contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together, we work in partnership with local artists including other in-house painters and we look forward to deploying our talent to produce projects in any part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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