Faux Finish Vs. Venetian Plaster

Faux Finish Vs. Venetian Plaster

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The modern usage of Venetian plaster in the home and commercial space turns any space into a vibrant place of elegance and luxury with modern chic designs created by The Bay Area Muralist. As the foremost expert in Venetian design in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayley Ferreira and her team of Venetian plaster masters are dedicated to one of a kind designs and industry expertise.

The decorative Italian art of Venetian plaster has been mastered by The Bay Area Muralist and our team of masters have taken the polished craft to a more modern contemporary direction.

Faux Finish Vs. Venetian Plaster

Authentic Venetian plaster is not a faux finish. In fact, it’s the most authentic veneer wall finish you can have. When natural, lime-based venetian plaster is applied it will eventually return to it’s original state, which is lime and marble, AKA stone. Services also offered include gilding, fine paint and painting, faux finish, specialty decorating and repair and restoration.

European Faux Finishes and Venetian Plaster

Our team at The Bay Area Muralist focuses on providing the best in Faux painting, Venetian Plaster and  Decorative wall finishes for more than 20 years. Provoke an old world feel for your residential space with a European faux finish and Venetian Plaster techniques.

What Is Venetian Plaster?

Traditional Venetian Plaster is the technique of applying certain materials (lime putty and marble flour with aged slaked lime) in a specific way.
Traditional venetian plaster consists of certain materials applied in a specific way. The material used is a lime putty containing marble flour and aged slaked lime.

Venetian Plaster Texture

The texture created by Venetian Plaster varies depending on the amount of layers placed within each project.

Hire The Bay Area Muralist For Your Venetian Plaster Project

The Bay Area Muralist’s dedication to one of a kind designs and unparalleled industry expertise gives us an edge and this is why we are the leading professionals in innovative decorative wall art for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Custom hand painted wall murals designed by the San Francisco Bay mural artist Hayley Ferreira. When painting a custom mural for the client, Hayley works together with you and the end result will be the perfect mural for your interior or exterior space.

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