Murals Hand-Painted By Hayley Ferreira

Hayley Ferreira has been offering her custom hand-painted mural services for the San Francisco Bay Area as The Bay Area Muralist for over 20 years. Locally owned, Hayley offers her expertise in mural painting services and providing services for the San Francisco Bay Area including Oakland, San Jose and the surrounding areas of Northern California.


Based in the East Bay Area, Hayley Ferreira is available for hire on commercial & corporate mural projects as well as private residences. If you are interested in hiring Hayley for custom hand-painted mural art, contact her today.

Hayley Ferreira specializes in large wall murals. Our passion is painting captivating murals that engage audiences and transform spaces, creating memorable environments that resonate with expansive beauty and balance. Each commission is an original hand-painted mural, custom designed for your location

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