Mural Painter And My Sacramento Mural Project

Mural Painter And My Sacramento Mural Project

In March of 2017, I had the opportunity to paint a mural at the wall of the Sacramento’s Mixed Martial Grappling Arts Studio. As a mural painter in the Sacramento and the Northern California area and working with painting this mural in Sacramento California.

The Road To Sacramento

My assistant Zoe and I headed to Sacramento on a very rainy day. When we were driving the roads were so flooded with rain it felt like we were surfing our way to Sacramento. The focus of the Sacramento mural project was to paint a 20ft logo for Mixed Grappling, a mixed martial arts studio. They wanted this mural to be as large as possible. With large logo wall murals it can take some time to get the proportions correct. The first day of mural painting also consisted of applying the primary coat of paint. The second day worked a few hours to finish it. Once we were done the mural piece looked amazing. Just like one of those stick- on- the -wall type things. I believe the clients was very pleased.

Sacramento’s Mixed Martial Grappling Arts Studio Logo

While we were painting the wall mural,  I found great joy in watching the mixed grappling classes going on and the dedication from the students and the teaching staff left me mesmerized. The place is owned by a nice couple.  Both of them are black belts and teach. I was really impressed with how strong and amazing the women were.  I mean these were some strong kick-butt women.  Makes me want to take some classes.

Amazing Murals In Sacramento

After the mural was finished we decided to go check out a fellow artist’s studio in downtown Sacramento. He’s a great artist named Bamr. He also paints murals and does canvas paintings with a graffiti look to them. I would love to collaborate with this artist someday and paint some thing spectacular.

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