San Francisco Murals from the Bay Area Muralist dedicates our attention to the creation of beautiful murals including both residential and commercial projects. BAM always finds some source of inspiration from the local San Francisco Bay Area. The people of San Francisco and the beautiful art throughout the city, from each individual neighborhood and community across the Bay Area, ideas for future murals come to me from the city I call home.


It’s a long list of reasons why I love California so much and the city of San Francisco. The fresh smell of eucalyptus and sea breeze, the rolling hills of California and the rich history of how American culture has shaped and been shaped by the Bay Area.

Murals for Kids in San Francisco

The Bay Area Muralist specializes in murals for kids rooms. A wall mural in your child’s room brings an infinite amount of imagination and magic to the room while brightening up the space for you and your child. When planning the direction for the room and deciding the decor, the furniture and what to do with the walls, the process is hopeful to be a joyful experience. Create a wall mural for your children with Hayley and the team at BAM as we work with you to create a specific environment that is fun and filled with artistic delight.

History of Art in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Gold Rush of 1858 transformed the city’s population from a few hundred to over 35,000 people in just over 5 years. From 1860 to 1880 the city of San Francisco doubled and doubled again. The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 caused much destruction to almost 80% of the City of San Francisco and destroyed most of the downtown area.