Exterior Wall Murals

Providing the San Francisco Bay Area with custom painted wall murals, painted with the highest quality in art services, Hayley Ferreira finds the most joy in her passion and dedication for giant wall murals.

For over 20 years, Hayley Ferreira has been painting murals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hayley built a reputation for creating inspirational custom wall murals designed specifically for each individual client.  As one of the leading mural artists in San Francisco, Hayley works with both residential and corporate clients.

Exterior Wall Murals from The Bay Area Muralist



Interested in hiring Hayley Ferreira, The Bay Area Muralist for your next exterior mural project and would like to discuss details?

Phone: (408) 206-1413

The Bay Area Muralists produces fresh, creative and beautifully designed murals for your commercial or residential exterior in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Email: bayareamuralist@gmail.com

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