San Francisco Mural Artist

San Francisco Mural Artist

Wall Murals custom hand-painted by San Francisco Bay Area Muralist, Hayley Ferreira. Specializing in large wall murals, Hayley’s passion is painting captivating murals designed to engage audiences and transform spaces, creating memorable environments that resonate a world of expansive beauty and balance. Hayley Ferreira has been offering her custom hand-painted mural services for the San Francisco Bay Area as The Bay Area Muralist for over 20 years. Locally owned, Hayley offers her expertise in mural painting services and providing services for the San Francisco Bay Area including Oakland, San Jose and the surrounding areas of Northern California.

Hire Hayley Ferreira, The Bay Area Muralist

Custom hand painted wall murals designed by the Bay Area muralist Hayley Ferreira. Hayley designs murals with you in mind. A mural is a great way to create depth and style to any space. Hayley works closely with her clients in a comfortable, relaxing environment.  Contact The Bay Area Muralist, Hayley Ferreira, to provide you with custom painted wall murals, painted with the highest quality in art services for the San Francisco Bay Area. Together with you, Hayley will create the perfect mural for your interior or exterior space.

Custom wall murals provide a source of inspiration in urban downtown San Francisco office spaces, lofts and suburban homes in Santa Rosa and Livermore. Design a custom wall mural alongside San Francisco Bay Area mural painter Hayley Ferreira and expand the look and feel of your live and work environment.

“My job as a muralist is to collaborate with my client. Together we create the masterpiece that they have always wanted.”


Hayley’s designs are perfect for restaurants, work spaces and doctor’s offices in the San Francisco Bay area to also increase sales in your retail. This is why her custom painted murals are great for lobbies and other commercial real estate. Hayley works a lot with nature and scenic ocean front wall murals for homes or office spaces and she we creates hand-painted wall murals tailored to your needs.

Corporate Murals, Trade Shows and Stadium Arena Murals

MURALS FOR EVENT, ARENAS & TRADE SHOWS – Hire Hayley Ferreira Today for your next event or trade show. The Bay Area Muralist can create full color wall murals to any shape and size on a wide range of specialty materials. And every wall mural Hayley paints is produced with a careful eye, known for the highest standards of quality that far exceeds those standards of mass-produced wall murals.

Stylish Interior Wall Painter

  • Holiday Window Painting
  • Schools and Learning Centers
  • Custom Chalkboards and Menus For Restaurants
  • Custom Hand-Painted Signage

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