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A while back I received an e-mail from a client that I painted for over 15 years ago!  I always love receiving emails and messages back from past clients, catching me up on the great growth taking place in their lives. The client informed me that her sister was opening up a new clothing boutique in Los Gatos and she needed to have me paint a mural series in her boutique. So, after reading the email, I called Mojey and met her later that week.

Mojey Boutique Murals in Los Gatos

Her boutique has beautiful European clothing and we needed a space as elegant and fun as her clothing.

The Mural Painting Process

She mentioned she liked these particular drawings of models. So I went to work and did some research on drawing models and clothing and came back with 4 sketches. She was in LOVE. We decided to keep her colors of red, black white and grey for super elegance! I painted each model one by one until 4 were done.

The Planning Process

From Wall to Window Displays

Then as I was painting, people kept asking “are you a consignment shop”. What? Omg the most beautiful clothes and ppl are asking this. So I thought, she needs to make this look like I high end shop from the outside. I gave Mojey my ideas on forms and decorating the windows.  Lastly murals on the walls to the exterior of the shop.

She has 2 large windows made for beautiful displays. Let’s make them gorgeous! 2 more murals were in the works. We changed a few things around and now no one ever thinks this is a consignment shop. Now, it looks like a high end euro boutique.

Hayley Ferreira


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