I’ve  been painting my entire life, and started my business about 20 years ago. My job as a muralist is to collaborate with my clients. Together we create the masterpiece that you have always wanted. I take your vision and transform it into a piece to delight your senses. The mood we create will tell your story. If you can dream it up, I can paint it!

My passion is creating large scale artwork because it dramatically transforms the surrounding area. It turns a plain wall or space into something spectacular. I want my clients to enjoy spending time in the areas I  created. I get so much joy from the, oooohs and ahhhhhs.

When I’m not painting, you can find me at home snuggling my 4 and 5 year old children and wonderful husband. I also enjoy knitting, making organic soaps and beauty products. Many times I give them as gifts and teach classes. 


The Bay Area Muralist has a clear focus on designing decorative art which feels fresh and inviting, and gives you a real kick when you enter your home.

We want your visitors to enter the room and do a 360 to see every detail. We want then to have an unstoppable urge to reach out and feel the murals on your walls. Aftern the initial reaction, we want them to lay back , and enjoy the environment we have created.

Murals should be the expression of your personality, a portrait of your desires, your humor, and the things that bring you joy. Wall art should delight your quests and have enough depth and detail to fuel and entire evening of converstation.

The question to the most commonly asked questions, “can you paint this”….? Is always YES. Whatever you want, whatever size, style, color, we will paint it.