Serving the entire Bay Area with mural painting services, San Francisco mural artist Hayley Ferreira and her team of professional mural artists known as BAM (the Bay Area Muralist) offer mural painting services throughout San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, as well as Sacramento and Napa. We specialize in professional painting for both commercial and residential properties. 

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San Francisco Murals and Mural Painting Services

With over 20 years of experience painting murals in the San Francisco Bay Area, the mural painting services of The Bay Area Muralist are known for capturing the magic of our beautiful local community and the exotic worlds of the imagination. Our murals include inspirational murals at leading California startups to colorful, fun residential murals including kids rooms, outdoor areas and even turning your workout room into a place of inspiration.

About The Bay Area Muralist

Hayley started her business about 20 years ago. Her passion is creating large scale artwork because it dramatically transforms the surrounding area. It turns a plain wall or space into something spectacular. 

“My job as a muralist is to collaborate with my clients. Together we create the masterpiece that you have always wanted. I take your vision and transform it into a piece to delight your senses. The mood we create will tell your story. If you can dream it up, I can paint it!”

Besides painting murals in Northern California, you can find Hayley at home snuggling her children and wonderful husband. She also enjoys knitting, making organic soaps and natural beauty products, often times give them as gifts. She also teaches fun soap making classes.

Hayley Ferreira, The Bay Area Muralist, creating a mural.

Hayley, The Bay Area Muralist, doing what she loves!

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