Serving the entire Bay Area with mural painting services, San Francisco mural artist Hayley Ferreira and her team of professional mural artists known as BAM (the Bay Area Muralist) offer mural painting services throughout Northern California specializing in professional painting for both commercial and residential properties.

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San Francisco Murals by The Bay Area Muralist

Office Wall Murals for Startups Small Business and Home Spaces

A wall mural can do wonders for your home or business. You might be surprised at how your the overall well-being of an environment can increase with a beautiful mural in the office, telling your brand story for your local business or creating a magical world onto the walls of your child’s playroom as the power of art holds the ability to display story in magical, beautiful ways.

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At the Bay Area Muralist we specialize in painting murals in San Francisco offices and providing Bay Area businesses with high quality mural presentations of their brand story.

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The outside exterior of San Francisco businesses hold the perfect space to tell your company’s story or to beautify the surrounding with color, dimension and design. Below is a photo of the Amazon Distribution Center in the Dogpatch neighborhood of the city of San Francisco.

Painting wall murals in schools holds a special place in my heart and I have painted wall murals in schools here in the San Francisco Bay Area and across Northern California.

Murals for the Home and Residential Properties