Modernize your walls with hand painted custom murals


We create one-of-a-kind murals for you — your business or your home — outdoors or indoors.

The Bay Area Muralist designs and personalizes murals the way you want. We work with you to boost your brand’s engagement. We collaborate with you to make your home more inviting or fun. We combine our talent to create eye catching art in our expertise in designing something exclusively yours. Your business or home is unique and your walls should be too!

About Hayley, The Bay Area Muralist

With over 20 years of experience hand-painting custom murals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayley Ferreira and her team of professional mural artists at the Bay Area Muralist have been known for capturing the magic of our beautiful community and the exotic worlds of the imagination. Our hand-painted work includes inspirational murals at leading startups and other businesses to colorful, fun home murals, including kids’ rooms, outdoor areas, and even transforming your workout room into a place of inspiration.

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