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Decorative faux finish painting from The Bay Area Muralist


Hayley Ferreira and her team of talented painters strive to offer the local San Francisco Bay Area the best faux finishing available. Turn your interior space into a place of imagination and delight in the possibilities of color and layers created with The Bay Area Muralist’s Faux Finishing Painting Services.

Our Faux techniques offer character and color to the spaces we focus on. We do professional faux finishing services in the surrounding Northern California are including Sacramento, Napa Valley and the Tri-Valley areas.



Venetian Plaster, Marbleizing and Special Effect Painting we offer:

  • Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Trim and Countertops
  • Unlimited palette of colors
  • Tromp L’oeil
  • Layering translucent glazes
  • Complex colors that can not be achieved with Conventional opaque paints.
  • Antiquing
  • Chambray and Linen Weave

Faux Finishing Ideas

We are always looking for imaginative ways to expand the use of Faux Finish Design. Here are a few recommendations we have. Combine you faux finish design with your current decor to create more depth to your space. Consider expanding your faux finish to include your ceiling, trim and other areas.


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What is Faux Finish Painting?

Often times, my clients will ask me what Faux Finishing is and how is it different from other effect painting techniques such as Venetian Plaster and Tromp L’oeil. As a professional muralist for over 20 years, I love the inspiration that can be gained from a faux finish design.

Faux painting literally means “fake painting” and it originates as a technique for painting surfaces, including walls, ceilings, trim, floors, countertops and even furniture, to look like another source of texture or design.

Marble design was the popular trend that set the stage for Faux Finishing’s success and growth in popularity.

Artists, designers and home owners began to distress furniture with an antique and crackled style in order to give an aged look to furniture.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Venetian Plaster Finish

Our modern usage of Venetian plaster turns any home our commercial space into a vibrant, elegant visual environment.


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Interest in hiring Hayley Ferreira The Bay Area Muralist? Please call or request a quote anytime.

Phone: (408) 206-1413

The Bay Area Muralists produces fresh, creative and beautifully designed murals for homes and commercial spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Email: bayareamuralist@gmail.com


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