Mural Painting Classes Available Now!

Painting classes online and in-person from San Francisco’s Bay Area Muralist Hayley Ferreira. BAM mural painting classes for 2022 registration is available now so you can sign up today. Have you always had an interest in mural painting or maybe it’s a new source of inspiration or maybe you are interested in taking your art skills to the next level with mural painting instructions. Whatever might be the reason, we are here to help with our online mural painting classes via Zoom or in-person mural painting classes as an option with the purchase of a mural.

Zoom Mural Painting Classes

The Bay Area Muralist is now offering 1 on 1 zoom classes in 2022 that include instructions on how to paint the mural of your choice. The class may take 1 to 3 days of lessons depending on the size and difficulty of the mural selected. Learn more about the mural painting classes from The Bay Area Muralist below.

How does it work?

First I will help you select a mural to paint or if you have one in mind to paint, that is great too! I’ll paint the mural on my side and you will paint the same mural on your side.

I’ll paint mural on my side you paint the mural on your time. Depending on what you choose to paint, the difficulty, and your
Zoom or in person – Call for details.

Prices start at $1,000.00.

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