Residential Murals

Designed with inspiration for the home in mind. Producing harmony or a dramatic statements in a residential space with a timeless mural painted by Hayley Ferreira. You can hire Hayley to do a mural in your living room space, kid’s room, dining area, any interior or exterior walls, including you garage!

Residential Wall Murals from The Bay Area Muralist

Long Interior Wall
Trompe L’oeil Path Through Forest
Underwater Murals for Kids Rooms
Bathroom Murals
Garden Area Murals
Pool Area Mural
DS Diner Curb Service
Exterior Mural
Exterior Pool Murals
Exterior Swimming Pool Mural
Marin Home Murals
Jungle Themed Kids Rooms
Kids Space Themed Room
William Adolphe Bourgeau inspired Cherubs
Gazebo Mural with Faux Marble
Lighthouse Mural
Tranquil Stream Mural Along Staircase
Exterior Waterfall Mural
Italian Patio with Flower Arch
Kids Sports Locker Room
Under the Ocean Kids Room Murals
Kids Safari Themed Murals
Polar Bear Kids Mural
Exterior Swimming Pool Mural
Interior Doorway To Italy Wall Painting
Interior Closet Door Mural
Angel Interior Living Room Vaulted Ceiling
Exterior Fence Mural Design
Fairytale Children’s Room Mural

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The Bay Area Muralists produces fresh, creative and beautifully designed murals for homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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