MOJÉY Boutique in Los Gatos


A while back I got an e-mail from a client that I painted for over 15 years ago. She told her sister that she needed to have me paint for her new boutique.  So, I called Mojey and met her days later. Her boutique has beautiful European clothing and we needed a space as elegant and fun as her clothing. She mentioned she liked these particular drawings of models. So I went to work and did some research on drawing models and clothing and came back with 4 sketches. She was in LOVE. We decided to keep her colors of red, black white and grey for super elegance! I painted each model one by one until 4 were done. Then as I was painting, people kept asking “are you a consignment shop”. What? Omg the most beautiful clothes and ppl are asking this. So I thought, she needs to make this look like I high end shop from the outside. I gave Mojey my ideas on forms and decorating the windows.  Lastly murals on the walls to the exterior of the shop. She has 2 large windows made for beautiful displays. Let’s make them gorgeous! 2 more murals were in the works. We changed a few things around and now no one ever thinks this is a consignment shop. Now, it looks like a high end euro boutique.

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