Wall Murals for Kids

Decorating your kids room is one of the jubilant experiences of being a parent and a wall mural in your child’s room brings an infinite amount of imagination and magic to the room while brightening up the space. When planning the direction for the room and deciding the decor, the furniture and what to do with the walls, the hope is for the process to be a joyful experience. Create a wall mural for your children with Hayley and the team at BAM as we work with you to create a specific environment that is fun and filled with artistic delight.

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Mural Ideas for Kids

  • Disney Inspired Murals
  • Marvel Inspired Murals
  • Safari & Jungle Room Murals
  • Princess & Fairy Tale Murals
  • Include their name in the theme
  • Space Adventure themed murals
  • Ocean Adventure themed Murals

Kids Room Murals and Mural Painting

When painting a mural for your kids room, we recommend to let your imagination run wild and have fun with the process. A kids wall mural commonly have everything from bold stripes, Safari designs, Disney inspired pieces to nature inspired with lush forest trees and exotic animals. There is an infinite amount of possibilities we can take and many different elements of design we can utilize to reach the planned artistic goals while expanding the look and feel of your kids room.

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