Exterior Mural at Amazon Distribution Center in Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.
Exterior Mural at Amazon Distribution Center in Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.

Amazon’s Dogpatch Delivery Center Mural

Located in the Dogpatch, San Francisco Neighborhood, Amazon’s Delivery Center contracted us at The Bay Area Muralist to bring some harmony, life and design to this massive warehouse structure utilized by Amazon for shipping and delivery. We started the job in December of 2021 and the project took us about 30 days to complete.

Exterior Mural at Amazon Distribution Center in Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.

Office Wall Mural Ideas

Office Mural Ideas from BAM

If you are looking for office mural ideas from BAM please check out our blog posts for the most recent ideas on how to make your office mural cool. And no mural job is too big or too complex for the mural painters of BAM. If you are a San Francisco startup or business needing a mural today, give us a call here at The Bay Area Muralist.


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the world’s most cherished examples of American art and architecture. BAM takes pride in having the opportunity to represent the San Francisco community when we partner with local businesses and through the art we paint with our murals.

Office Murals in San Francisco

Bringing life and inspiration to your office space in San Francisco with an office mural from The Bay Area Muralist can create better productivity from your employees and offer a fun, vibrant environment to enhance your office’s overall well being.  The ROI for your investment is obvious when you select a BAM office mural in San Francisco.


How to Paint a Ceiling Mural

Ceiling Murals and how to paint a ceiling mural with the Bay Area Muralist and our guide, classes and courses for mural painting. If you are looking to learn how to paint a ceiling mural or how to apply ceiling mural wallpaper, a sky ceiling mural or even 3d style ceiling murals in your apartment or work space, our guide might be able to help you.

How much to have a ceiling mural painted?

Mural Painting Classes Available Now!

Painting classes online and in-person from San Francisco’s Bay Area Muralist Hayley Ferreira. BAM mural painting classes for 2022 registration is available now so you can sign up today. Have you always had an interest in mural painting or maybe it’s a new source of inspiration or maybe you are interested in taking your art skills to the next level with mural painting instructions. Whatever might be the reason, we are here to help with our online mural painting classes via Zoom or in-person mural painting classes as an option with the purchase of a mural.

Zoom Mural Painting Classes

The Bay Area Muralist is now offering 1 on 1 zoom classes in 2022 that include instructions on how to paint the mural of your choice. The class may take 1 to 3 days of lessons depending on the size and difficulty of the mural selected. Learn more about the mural painting classes from The Bay Area Muralist below.

How does it work?

First I will help you select a mural to paint or if you have one in mind to paint, that is great too! I’ll paint the mural on my side and you will paint the same mural on your side.

I’ll paint mural on my side you paint the mural on your time. Depending on what you choose to paint, the difficulty, and your
Zoom or in person – Call for details.

Prices start at $1,000.00.

How to Paint a Fence Mural

Painting a custom mural on a fence in your backyard, along the side of your home or residential property or at a commercial property is easy with the how-to-paint a mural guides from the Bay Area Muralist. We have all the resources and information on mural painting including what paint to use when painting a mural on a fence and how to properly instal a costume mural on a fence.

Fence Murals and Fence Mural Painting Guide

Fence Murals, DIY Fence Murals, fence mural stencils, fence mural ideas,

How to paint an outdoor mural on a wood fence

how to paint a mural on a fence

Fence Murals Ideas and Considerations

Here in the Bay Area, I do get fence mural requests from people interested in hiring me to paint a fence mural in the backyard of a residential property. Often times the backyards are full of beautiful gardens with plant life growing  around and wildlife buzzing around.  There are times these backyard have extravagant pools and water features that bring a whole new element of design and deciding on the right mural to apply to a fence depends on who will be enjoying the backyard most, children, adults, both? Or is the fence mural suppose to be designed to almost hide the idea that there is a fence there at all, giving the illusion of trees or an endless landscape of rolling hills.

Who is the Fence Mural for?

The backyard is an oasis for the imagination. When you apply art to your backyard fence, you bring the imagination to life. Encourage children to play by painting a backyard fence mural. Or if you utilize the backyard area for BBQ’s and hanging out with your friends, we suggest a more sophisticated mural.

Commercial Fence Murals

If the fence mural is for a commercial property, we have other ideas in mind.

How to Paint a Fence Mural For Your Backyard

If you are wanting to learn how to paint a fence mural for your own backyard space, please follow us below in our step by step guide to painting a fence mural.