Fence Murals Ideas and Considerations

Here in the Bay Area, I do get fence mural requests from people interested in hiring me to paint a fence mural in the backyard of a residential property. Often times the backyards are full of beautiful gardens with plant life growing  around and wildlife buzzing around.  There are times these backyard have extravagant pools and water features that bring a whole new element of design and deciding on the right mural to apply to a fence depends on who will be enjoying the backyard most, children, adults, both? Or is the fence mural suppose to be designed to almost hide the idea that there is a fence there at all, giving the illusion of trees or an endless landscape of rolling hills.

Who is the Fence Mural for?

The backyard is an oasis for the imagination. When you apply art to your backyard fence, you bring the imagination to life. Encourage children to play by painting a backyard fence mural. Or if you utilize the backyard area for BBQ’s and hanging out with your friends, we suggest a more sophisticated mural.

Commercial Fence Murals

If the fence mural is for a commercial property, we have other ideas in mind.

How to Paint a Fence Mural For Your Backyard

If you are wanting to learn how to paint a fence mural for your own backyard space, please follow us below in our step by step guide to painting a fence mural.

William Adolphe Bourgeau inspired Cherubs

I painted this mural for a client that wanted william adolphe bourgeau’s cherubs on their ceiling. It was originally painted on canvas and then adhered to the ceiling. It took me many weeks to get this perfect but we were so happy with it when it was finished. I was so inspired by my trips to Italy and France. The Italian murals and French murals in Europe are amazing and it really had my creative juices flowing.  I came back with many, many photos I was determined to paint something special. I am so happy this client was on the same page

Gazebo Mural with Faux Marble

This beauty was painted on a large 2o ft high wall! It is such am amazing house. This was just foyer area! We wanted to have a real great impact when you enter the home, but the client didn’t want too much color. So we decided to keep it a bit monochromatic. The wall to the left was painted in a yellow golden faux marble just like the marble they had throughout the house. Then the mural was designed to compliment the style and colors in the rest of the home. They were excited to see the results. The entrance to this beautiful home in Bentwood is definitely outstanding.

Capri Italy Garden Mural

Capri Italy Garden Mural designed by San Francisco Bay Area Muralist Hayley Ferreira. This beautiful outdoor mural was designed specifically for the desires and needs of the client. When it comes to designing a beautiful outdoor mural such as “Capri Italy Garden” I always look for ways to enhance the environment of the life that surrounds the outdoor mural.