Ancient Ruins in Turkey

This mural was painted for a Turkish restaurant in San Mateo CA It was painted on a 6ft canvas so the client could move it if he needed. The client already knew what he wanted painted in the restaurant so I did not need to design anything. We were very happy with the results, because he called me back to paint the entire place. Before I was finished the whole place was done in a gold  color wash and stone pillars throughout. It was really a beautiful place to have lunch or dinner.

Blue Sky Corner Restaurant in San Jose

This was painted for a Vietnamese Pho restaurant in San Jose. The client was looking to have the sky painting because of the name of the place. It was about 15 ft high and a huge place. I can’t even explain how much fun I had painting this. Clouds are amazing in the first place, but to be able to paint them this large with birds and vines. I was so happy with how beautiful this came out. The client was also in awe. I love checking Yelp to see how many wonderful comments I get in regards to my mural. It looks like the people that go there really love the atmosphere.

Roses Mural

This delicious mural painted by Hayley Ferreira with exotic reds and the free flow elements of nature combining with the wall it self is most excellente’!

Angel Interior Living Room Vaulted Ceiling Mural

This living room residential mural in San Francisco. The subject is the Flora Ancient Roman fresco from Pompeii. 1st Century AD. The mural is 9 feet tall! I enjoyed working with the space available and the challenge I had most was in reachi

Flora Ancient Roman fresco from Pompeii. 1st Century AD

Flora was the goddess of flowers.